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Chair that helps you sit and stand at the same time

June 11, 2013

The Standing task Chair helps you adopt and maintain the standing meditation pose normally...

There has been a trend of late towards standing desks, borne out of the very real notion that sitting down for long periods of time is bad for your health. The problem is that standing desks don’t suit everyone, and can in fact cause bad backs, sore feet, and varicose veins if not used correctly. One solution may be to aim for somewhere betwixt sitting and standing, which is where the Standing Task Chair may prove its worth.

The Standing Task Chair is a chair that encourages you to adopt and maintain an ergonomic working position. Designed to be used with standing desks such as XTable, the chair supports your body while it’s in a standing position, with the shape it encourages being something akin to the standing meditation pose seen in yoga. It shares some similarities – and raison d’etre – with the Focal Locus workstation.

A diagram showing how Standing Task Chair is purported to help distribute your weight more...

Your body is supported in three ways: the seat (which looks like an oversized bicycle seat) takes the pressure off your legs, the pressure on your knees is relieved by a cushioned pad, and your feet are kept in an angled position by a raised platform. The creators of the Standing Task Chair claim this combination helps distribute your weight evenly.

The seat is fully adjustable via the gas cylinder most office chairs use, and it also pivots at the floor allowing the user to twist and turn as needed. The Standing Task Chair is portable, featuring small wheels at the front which are activated by lifting the whole thing up by the seat.

The Standing Task Chair is designed to take the pressure off while you use a standing desk

There are two options available in terms of materials used, with one frame made from solid oak and another made from welded steel. Both feature a knee pad made from high density foam and a seat made from contoured gel.


The Standing Task Chair is currently on Kickstarter, with funding of US$40,000 sought. This money will be used for tooling and for completing the first production run. Early backers can get a single Standing Task Chair for $499 (steel frame) or $599 (oak frame). The retail prices have been set at $699 and $799 respectively. US shipping is included, with international shipping calculated separately.

The video in the link below shows the creator of the Standing Task Chair explaining the thinking behind the design and demonstrating how it’s meant to be used.

Source: Kickstarter


June 2, 2013