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Innovative drinking straw

March 18, 2013

LifeStraw Filter

Innovative drinking straw designed by Vestergaard Frandsen will give you easy access to safe and clean water.

LifeStraw with integrated water filter does not use chemicals, does not require batteries, and has no moving parts.

It effectively removes 99.9% of waterborne parasites and bacteria.

Place LifeStraw in water and drink through the mouthpiece.

Vestergaard Frandsen LifeStraw

Water Filter Straw

Personal Water Filter


Innovative car that transforms into personal helicopter

March 18, 2013

Personal Air and Land Vehicle

Innovative car that transforms into personal helicopter designed by PAL-V.

On the ground, the vehicle drives like a sports car. Within minutes, the rotor unfolds, the tail extends, and the flying car is ready to take off.

Personal air and land vehicle is scheduled to go into production in 2014.

Flying Car

Sports Car

PAL-V Flying Car


Innovative jet pack ( Water Powered Flyboard)

February 24, 2013

Innovative jet pack created by Franky Zapata allows you to fly like Iron Man and swim like a dolphin.Priced at 4900 Euros, Zapata Flyboard connects to any standard Jet Ski and can propel the user more than 30 feet into the air.

Water Powered Flyboard


Iron Man

Jet Pack

Jet Ski


source-Franky Zapata



GATE 2013 Answer key

February 11, 2013