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Future Of Car Infotainment Systems

September 28, 2011

Voice enabled GPS devices add another level of sophistication to advance GPS navigation market.

01-ford-fiesta-gps enabled car-future car infotainment systems

GPS technology has been developed for military use.The global navigation of naval warships, missiles guidance and movements of troops on the ground has led to the need for advice site precision technology has finally found a strong market for private users and consumers as well. In fact, you can find GPS devices everywhere.

01-audi_mmi_navigation_plus-road to the future

Navigation devices have been recent improvements in the size of the screen, precision and live traffic reports. However, just as the market of cellular telephony, the need for improving the safety and convenience became a priority more than people began to GPS devices in their vehicles. Demand for models activated voice GPS has grown year after year. Hands-free operation was the next logical to include functionality.

Here I posted next generation Ford Fiesta Car Infotainment systems.

The Web Enabled Browser receives the Google Map to the GPS devices when the driver given the street information to voice activated Bluetooth Device. Then the GPS shows the accurate map to the user. If you want navigation which tells the route accurately. So driving made easily. This is the future of driving.

01-gps navigation-road mate-road map