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Pneumatic paper cup forming machine

September 29, 2011

Pneumatic paper cup forming machine” is a wonderful project topic for mechanical engineering students.

In a pneumatic system, energy is stored in a potential state in the form of compressed air. Working energy is produced in a pneumatic system when the compressed air is allowed to expand. So, in order to do work, a device is required which is able to supply an air tank with sufficient amount of air at a desired pressure. This device usually happens to be a positive displacement compressor.

Advantages of using a pneumatic machine:

1)    Lower cost than Hydraulic Machines

2)    Works on air which is freely available.

3)    Compact when compared with Hydraulic Machines

4)    Energy can be controlled relatively easily using valves.


The procedure for the development of the paper cup has been broken down into 5 stages

Stages of development:

1)      Body Sealing

A Cup fan wall shaped sheet of paper should be first sealed so as to obtain a cone shape.

2)      Bottom inserting

Round pieces which serve as the bottom of the cup is inserted into the cone and sealed

3)      Bottom knurling

Knurling of the excess portion of the cone is done

4)      Rim Curling

Rim curling is done to make the cup end curled.

5)      Dispensing

The finished cups are automatically discharged from machine.

Pneumatic paper cup forming stages

Factors to be taken into account while designing the cup:

1)      Bottom diameter

2)      Top diameter

3)      Height

4)      Bottom knurling height

5)      Side sealing width


For best results double PE coated paper is used in the development of cups. Since, in one side PU coated paper cups the paper becomes softened and the chances for the beverage to leak out are high.

AIMES 2010

September 18, 2011



Mangalore, October 22: Association of Integrated Mechanical Engineering Students (AIMES) was inaugurated recently at Srinivas Integrated Campus, Mukka.

After formally inaugurating the Association, Deepak Prabhakar, Senior Manager of Mechanical Department, MRPL said that students need to participate in extracurricular activities to expose themselves to the outer world. Along with computer and technical skills, they should cultivate skills of conversation and communication, he said.

He also advised that student associations should aim at developing overall personality and self confidence of an individual.

In his presidential address Dr. Shreeprakash B, Principal, Srinivas School of Engineering, opined that students should cultivate the habit of personal life-skills, leadership quality, and cultivate the capacity to start self employment.

Vivekananda Huddar, Head of the Mechanical Department, briefed about the objectives of the Association.

President of Association Parivesh Rathod welcomed the gathering and Secretary Pramod proposed the vote of thanks. Tilak E compered the programme.