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Sports or Deluxe…?

August 23, 2011

Heavy expectations….

Heavy preparations…
Heavy Aspirations….
All before boarding FP to vizag….
Air of Headstrong interest
Returned a Pair of Frustrated Black Eyes…!

no sleep on night before…
poddunne 4 30 ki 10 kg luggage veskuni edo pedda tresure hunt start ainattu
intlo, chuttu pakkana unna vallaki
classmates ki
Jute mill lo thokki naaara teesinattu train lo thokkesaru…!!
poni le
pedda pedda achievements chesemundu ilantivi maamule ani lyt teeskuni….
ma 10 kg luggage tho steel plant ki velli akkada waiting….
ma lauggage chusina vallu Somalia nunchi thndi leka battalu sardeskuni Vizag vachinattu chudatam….
oka 45 minutes violent waiting tarvata came….

Century kottina tarvatha Sachin Tendulkar
Cup gelichina tarvatha MSD
Autographs kosam meeda padtaremo ane bhayam tho dooramga vellipoinattu vellipoindi…
ponle manam epdo oka sari chala hurt chesam
ala behave cheydam lo tappu ledu…!!
4 hrs waiting…
still like Destitute from a war torn country..!!
After 4 long ,f**king hours…
Praveen came and said “manaki permission dorakaledanta ra…!!”
neekela telsu ra ante
By mistake darilo kanpinchindi
nen emaindi ani adigithe “permshn raledu” ani cheppindi annadu…!!!

Pt.No.1 Permission ranappudu we dint get permission ani Project Leader ki cheppali kada…!
Pt.No.2 ila avtundani teliyanappudu ,luggages veskuni vacheyandi,steel plant ma thatha gaare kattincharu annattu build up ,avasarama….
Car veskuni 1 hr lo vachydam vallaki okay..
but one day nidrapokunda
300 km
5 hrs jrney chesochaka
meekikkada panem ledu
mee pani meeru chuskondi ante..
manishi anna vaadu evadaina….
edhava jeevitham…
Mukku moham teliyani vallane kadu
Telsina vallani kuda appudappudu nammakudadu…!!!
Nammakam meeda manaki unna nammakam pothundi…!!

ila unna thots ki summer stroke okati malle….
aftrnun varaku mosapoyam
cheated anna feel tho unna mind sudden ga philosophy loki padindi…!!
oka manishi hurt ainappudu intha bad ga eel avthada anpinchindi…!!!

When somebody stops talking to u only coz f u r deeds
hell it feels….
when our foul passions irritates other ppl will cut loose us from their lives…!!
We were flippantly thrown away from our usual positions ..!!
Suddenly i felt like sayin sorry for all those ppl whom i hurted many times…
I know
The damage caused by a huge mistake can’t be replaced by a silly,the most common 5 letter word sorry…!!
But here the wounded heart is helpless to make it happen for thos ppl to feel my apology…!!
Almost Impossible…!!
What a great life i got….
Acute attacks of bewildering infatuations….
happy to hear that i was best pal for most of people with whom i have been studying since yrs…!!
Had some shoulders to cry on…!!
Further cards i have in my hands and play them with decision…!!!
Hope this emotional asphyxiation could end soon!!!

The Supernatural Case of Combined studies..!

August 23, 2011

My life is just another SI engine whose fly wheel is being malfunctioning for over 2 years….

The energy needed regulation ..
whether it is growth or decline its always been an exponential one…!
The thing i always hunt in search is for The Stability,Consistency…!
Indeed this friendship day brought some good news to smile….
When i look back i see a complete mess resulted due to my unplanned experiments, overcast , gloomy , Shadowy academics…!!
But when i look for the future i saw my bloody experiments taking their shape to furnish me extraordinary results!