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Future Of Car Infotainment Systems

September 28, 2011

Voice enabled GPS devices add another level of sophistication to advance GPS navigation market.

01-ford-fiesta-gps enabled car-future car infotainment systems

GPS technology has been developed for military use.The global navigation of naval warships, missiles guidance and movements of troops on the ground has led to the need for advice site precision technology has finally found a strong market for private users and consumers as well. In fact, you can find GPS devices everywhere.

01-audi_mmi_navigation_plus-road to the future

Navigation devices have been recent improvements in the size of the screen, precision and live traffic reports. However, just as the market of cellular telephony, the need for improving the safety and convenience became a priority more than people began to GPS devices in their vehicles. Demand for models activated voice GPS has grown year after year. Hands-free operation was the next logical to include functionality.

Here I posted next generation Ford Fiesta Car Infotainment systems.

The Web Enabled Browser receives the Google Map to the GPS devices when the driver given the street information to voice activated Bluetooth Device. Then the GPS shows the accurate map to the user. If you want navigation which tells the route accurately. So driving made easily. This is the future of driving.

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September 10, 2011

A CNC machining company is a company that provides CNC machining services. There are several CNC machining services that are provided in the market today.
One of the most popular CNC machining services that are provided by a CNC machining company is the standard 3 axis CNC machining.
The standard 3 axis CNC machining has the ability to transform 3D designs into products that you can use on a daily basis. CAD designs like chairs, tables, and drawers are ideal for a standard 3 axis CNC machining service.
A CNC machining company that provides this kind of service is everywhere. It is very basic and standard. Sometimes, as a hobbyist, you can transform these 3D designs right in your own garage or backyard.
Sometimes a 3 axis CNC machining company is not enough to get the job done. There are obviously more complicated designs out there. There are speedboats, airplanes, and even space shuttles to design. When there are more complicated designs, a more capable CNC machining company is needed. A 5 axis CNC machining company is needed for these more complex parts. More axes mean more sophistication in terms of design and production. If you are making a space shuttle then you’ll need state of the art contouring equipment just to make the nose. 5 axis CNC machining skills are required to get such complex tasks done.

Aside from the complexity of parts being manufactured, you can also have a problem in terms of accuracy and precision. Precision CNC machining is a service that some CNC machining companies have out there.
If you are working on telecommunications equipment, computers, or any semiconductor related project then you may have to avail of the services from a CNC machining company that is capable of precision machining. These types of firms make products that are precise down to the micron level. If you want a microprocessor wiring done properly then you’ll need the services of a CNC machining company of this calibre.
CRP Technology, the italian leader in cnc machining services, is an example of High Precision CNC Machining.

Small parts are also important in some industries. If you are making products like digital watches or portable MP3 players then you may have to avail of the services of a CNC machining company that has micro machining capabilities. The production of miniature components also demands a lot of precision. If you are planning to make products involving micro machinery then you have to look for a CNC machining company that is capable of manufacturing such products.

Wire CNC machining is also important for the small and micro products out there. Aside from making small things, they also have to be wired. A CNC machining company that is capable of wiring micro pieces together has to be very precise as well. Tolerances for error in this kind of manufacturing are also in the micron level.

A CNC machining company can also be involved in the design of products. Aside from executing designs, some CNC companies out there can also draft designs. These industrial design firms usually offer the whole spectrum of CNC machining services, from design to production.

A CNC machining company is also an interesting type of company to work for. If you are planning to work for a CNC machining company then consider these following positions. A CNC operator or machinist deals with the manufacturing stages of CNC machining. A CNC programmer deals with the writing of G-Code and may also be involved in CAD. Manufacturing engineers work on streamlining production whilst design engineers work on improving industrial designs. If you are planning to work for a CNC machining company then consider these types of positions. You’ll enjoy working in firms of this type.