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My Rendezvous with Mechanical Engineering

August 23, 2011

I don’ quite remember the exact moment when I decided that I was going to be a mechanical engineer.Though I had always wanted to be an engineer, i had never ever thought of specialization (but i did have a great deal of interest in Aeroplanes and Spacecrafts) until I had undergone a career counselling programme.After being made to write tests for hours that gauged my aptitude,skills,personality and discovered my interests i was advised by the counsellor to take up careers in any of these streams-Architecture,Mechanical Engineering,Industrial Design,Genetic Engineering,Interior Designing,Astronomy/Astrophysics,Bookkeeping ,etc.I was suggested to choose a course that required artistic and clerical abilities.but I wasn’t much interested in career planning coz it was too early…i was in my 9th standard and there were a jolly good 3 years to think about joining a college! All I wanted was to be associated with the world of technology that had immensely changed my nation.

As i moved into my eleventh standard I felt very comfortable with science chapters related to mechanical engineering like statics, dynamics and fluid mechanics and the thermal sciences.As i moved into class 12 I started feeling uncomfortable with electricity and electronics primarily because it became difficult to imagine and visualize the concepts of these sciences as compared to the mechanical sciences.

I still loved Computer Science because I was good at programming and my CS Mam was an excellent teacher.But then young India was too obsessed with Software and electronics ….especially the top rankers chose these courses…and i wanted to be different..hence I decided – to go for Mechanical Engineering .I brooded over the topic and came up with umpteen no. of reasons and decided my career…

and joined a UG Bachelor of Engineering(Mechanical)course .

Top 10 reasons why I chose to be a Mechanical Engineer on my next post