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August 24, 2011

problem: two trains enter a tunnel 200 miles long (yeah, its a big tunnel) travelling at 100 mph at the same time from opposite directions. as soon as they enter the tunnel a supersonic bee flying at 1000 mph starts from one train and heads toward the other one. as soon as it reaches the other one it turns around and heads back toward the first, going back and forth between the trains until the trains collide in a fiery explosion in the middle of the tunnel (the bee survives). how far did the bee travel?


solution: this puzzle falls pretty high on my aha scale. my first inclination when i heard it was to think “ok, so i just need to sum up the distances that the bee travels…” but then you quickly realize that its a difficult (not impossible) summation which the interviewer could hardly expect you to answer (unless i guess if you are looking for a job as a quant). “there must be a trick” you say. eh, sort of i guess, enough to say that this question is a stupid interview question.

the tunnel is 200 miles long. the trains meet in the middle travelling at 100 mph, so it takes them an hour to reach the middle. the bee is travelling 1000 mph for an hour (since its flying the whole time the trains are racing toward one another) – so basically the bee goes 1000 miles.

there is no process to explain, so this question can’t possibly teach you anything about the person. they either know it or they don’t and if they already knew it before you asked, you’re not going to be able to tell when they give you the answer. so don’t ask this question. and if someone asks you this question, just tell them you’ve already heard it before.

Sports or Deluxe…?

August 23, 2011

Heavy expectations….

Heavy preparations…
Heavy Aspirations….
All before boarding FP to vizag….
Air of Headstrong interest
Returned a Pair of Frustrated Black Eyes…!

no sleep on night before…
poddunne 4 30 ki 10 kg luggage veskuni edo pedda tresure hunt start ainattu
intlo, chuttu pakkana unna vallaki
classmates ki
Jute mill lo thokki naaara teesinattu train lo thokkesaru…!!
poni le
pedda pedda achievements chesemundu ilantivi maamule ani lyt teeskuni….
ma 10 kg luggage tho steel plant ki velli akkada waiting….
ma lauggage chusina vallu Somalia nunchi thndi leka battalu sardeskuni Vizag vachinattu chudatam….
oka 45 minutes violent waiting tarvata came….

Century kottina tarvatha Sachin Tendulkar
Cup gelichina tarvatha MSD
Autographs kosam meeda padtaremo ane bhayam tho dooramga vellipoinattu vellipoindi…
ponle manam epdo oka sari chala hurt chesam
ala behave cheydam lo tappu ledu…!!
4 hrs waiting…
still like Destitute from a war torn country..!!
After 4 long ,f**king hours…
Praveen came and said “manaki permission dorakaledanta ra…!!”
neekela telsu ra ante
By mistake darilo kanpinchindi
nen emaindi ani adigithe “permshn raledu” ani cheppindi annadu…!!!

Pt.No.1 Permission ranappudu we dint get permission ani Project Leader ki cheppali kada…!
Pt.No.2 ila avtundani teliyanappudu ,luggages veskuni vacheyandi,steel plant ma thatha gaare kattincharu annattu build up ,avasarama….
Car veskuni 1 hr lo vachydam vallaki okay..
but one day nidrapokunda
300 km
5 hrs jrney chesochaka
meekikkada panem ledu
mee pani meeru chuskondi ante..
manishi anna vaadu evadaina….
edhava jeevitham…
Mukku moham teliyani vallane kadu
Telsina vallani kuda appudappudu nammakudadu…!!!
Nammakam meeda manaki unna nammakam pothundi…!!

ila unna thots ki summer stroke okati malle….
aftrnun varaku mosapoyam
cheated anna feel tho unna mind sudden ga philosophy loki padindi…!!
oka manishi hurt ainappudu intha bad ga eel avthada anpinchindi…!!!

When somebody stops talking to u only coz f u r deeds
hell it feels….
when our foul passions irritates other ppl will cut loose us from their lives…!!
We were flippantly thrown away from our usual positions ..!!
Suddenly i felt like sayin sorry for all those ppl whom i hurted many times…
I know
The damage caused by a huge mistake can’t be replaced by a silly,the most common 5 letter word sorry…!!
But here the wounded heart is helpless to make it happen for thos ppl to feel my apology…!!
Almost Impossible…!!
What a great life i got….
Acute attacks of bewildering infatuations….
happy to hear that i was best pal for most of people with whom i have been studying since yrs…!!
Had some shoulders to cry on…!!
Further cards i have in my hands and play them with decision…!!!
Hope this emotional asphyxiation could end soon!!!

Some posts need no title…!!

August 23, 2011

It’s 12th august , A Friday ,The day suddenly i took the task of completing my tour memoirs..Don’t know why suddenly i took that thing…!!

I’ve tried so many times but without completion..!
I know i’m pretty good at taking initiations and taking first leap…
But hell is that i can’t live upto expectations when it comes to execution..!!
I do remember a person when i talk about the start of proceedings for Industrial tour..!!
That day
In December,2010… i think
I was seriously googling for some books (of course i don’t read’em…But i used to maintain a good collection of E-Books…!!)
I got a message on my Gtalk Gadget ” Do You know Civil people are booking their train tickets for their Industrial tour..!!”
oh is it…
okay lets c…
some one will take a forward leap in our class lets follow him(There is a reason for not including HER here…!!)…
after few days @ After Lunch Discussion
I had a discussion regarding this tour with Abbas ,Sasidhar,Mahendra…
Few people who got interest in arranging such type of events…
I’m fortunate have such a bunch of good organizers…
People like them took such tasks with huge responsibility…
and they are really good team players…!!
i really love working with them.!
There are people who bank upon the people behind curtain…
they don’t do much work but they do indulge in things at eleventh hour ..!!
These people should be appreciated when compared to those people who crack jokes on The Organizers…!!
at last after so many days we have finalized the places and dates
and the faculty ,permissions, Money etc…
But still there is one task to be completed ” making the total count to 40″
While trying to reach 40
we came across some Strange situations and some PECULIAR people…!
One said ” My grand pa is seriously ill”
can’t comment on such reasons…
the person’s been perfectly polite i(we) cudn’t question Honesty…!!
One couldn’t blame other people’s family responsibilities..!!
Another guy
the most awful case
” I tried to call and convince my dad to permit me…
and the network people saying that it was wrong dialed…
Suddenly i remembered that I FORGOT MY DAD’S Phone Number..”
Dumbstruck at the very moment….
Thank god i’m still alive….
And this thing happened to our beloved XCr suddenly offered his helping hand and we were delighted…!!
I thought owing to cold war between us
they may remain as audience…
but no
they came forward…!!
Another guy
pirated emotions…
I was cursed with the ability to guess intentions of people from their eyes….
Lips can lie while eyes can’t…
i cant guess exactly but i can suspect mismatch between words and expressions…!!
Anyway after so many Adventures and differentiations The tour started ..!!
I have had written till the PRASHATHI XPRESS dropeed us at B’lore-Yeshwanthpura Rail station @12 noon…!!
A Guy from the travel company came and received us ….Soon we packed our luggage, baggage into the luxury bus that had been arranged for us …!!
Started off to The Central Manufacturing Technology Insti(CMTI), CVRaman Nagar.!


August 23, 2011

01-ultimate_eco_car-developments of hybrid technology-development of hydrogen fuel-fuel cell-hybrid technology

Continuous improvement in conventional engines, including lean-burn gasoline engines, direct injection gasoline engines and common rail direct-injection diesel engines, as well as engines modified to use alternative fuels, such as compressed natural gas (CNG) or electricity (for Electric Vehicle).

Engineers may disagree about which fuel or car propulsion system is best, but they do agree that hybrid technology is the core for eco-car development.

01-ultimate_eco_car-diesel hybrid-fuel cell vehicle-alternate fuel hybrid vehicles

“Plug-in hybrid” technology brings further potential for substantial CO2 emissions reductions from vehicles. It has a higher battery capacity and is thus more fuel-efficient than the current hybrid, assisted by the power of engine. For a short-distance drive, it could be run with electricity charged during the night. Depending on how electricity is generated, the vehicle could run with much lower CO2 emissions. In order to commercialize the plug-in hybrid, there is again a need for a breakthrough in battery technology. It is necessary to develop a smaller-sized battery with higher capacity. Plug-in hybrids could contribute to reducing substantial amounts of CO2 emissions from vehicles, as well as fossil fuel use, by charging from cleaner electricity sources in the future.

Challenges of increasing power performance

In order to improve the driving performance, its power train was completely redesigned. To increase motor output, a high-voltage power-control was adopted. Although this technology was used in industrial machines and trains, the idea of incorporating it into an automobile did not easily occur at first. First of all, the system itself would take up a substantial amount of space and secondly, there was no prior example of applying this method to a motor that switches between output and power generation at such a dizzy pace.

Once the development of the high-voltage power circuit began, there was a mountain of problems, such as what to do about the heat generated by increasing voltage and the noise generated. To reevaluate the power train, the project team had to produce prototypes and repeat numerous tests. The prototyping stage went to seven prototypes instead of the usual three, and the total distance driven by these prototypes during testing exceeded one million kilometers.